Sunday, November 14, 2010






We went to Church at the children's school, Light of the Valley Baptist School.


We were privileged to be entertained by a few of the children before church this morning!

Check out some of the Hosanna House children singing to the drum!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


After the AC was installed, Charlie started working on painting the Lounge Area.




One of the girls working on her Christmas ornament.


Three Cuties!


Another beautiful Christmas ornament!




Blurry but Cute!


One of the Christmas ornaments.


Then we began working on personalized Christmas ornaments. One was made for each resident & staff.


Once we got the guys working on the AC unit, Darlene & I worked on some crafts with the kids. First the made Cross bookmarks.


Measuring to make a frame to hold it in.


They men will be loving life with this big ole AC cooling their side!


Push, guys!


The new AC unit is almost in!



Even the girls love helping!




The boys really enjoy helping Mr. Bob with his projects!




View from inside the building.


This morning Bob, Charlie & a few of the children installed an air conditioner in the Men's Quarters.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Charlie also caulked the windows in the apartment's kitchen.


Break time!


Charlie is still working on the kitchen today. It sure will look nice when he's finished!


More donated supplies!


This morning the guys went into Dangriga to check on getting a dryer fixed. While they were gone, Darlene & Wendy sorted more feed sacks of clothes and created more sacks to distribute to families in need.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Marie Sharps Factory. :D



Charlie & I purchased a few cases of Marie Sharps.



On our way home from Dangriga today, Bob took us to the Marie Sharps Factory. :D


Charlie & Nathanael stacking more feed bags!


Nathanael and Charlie stacked feed sacks of clothes in the old container. Each feed sack contains at least the following items: a variety of men, women & children's clothing, a few toys and shoes.

Approximately 50 bags are ready for the next team to distribute at Christmas! ( or if a need arises)


Some of the donations we've sorted & bagged to give to families in need.



Yolie also helped move boxes.


Yolanda helped Bob & Charlie a lot!



The container is being slowly unloaded and it seems to be going smoother this way. Items to be given away are being stored in one container. Boxes & bags of supplies we want to keep for Hosanna House are going back into the new one.


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